Monday, April 6, 2009


Living this life with our kids, the only thing that they know about school is what they see on TV. Terms like, "Detention", "Recess" and "Test" are not part of their lives, so seeing this in real life is really interesting to them.

The other day we went to the University of Maine to visit their Planetarium. We walked around with our friends checking out all of the cool displays.. As parents we were all excited about the ocean life and solar system exhibits.. We looked into the glass cases in awe checking out the amazing specimens...

Where were our kids? Looking at Lockers with the same awe... and the same interest, because they are so far removed from an institutionalized life. Devin asked, "Do kids really put their stuff in there?". It was so intriguing to observe our kids.....observing school.... something so foreign to anything they know.


Sam said...

That is so awesome! When you are so removed from the institution, it must seem so strange.

Lisa Russell said...

Hilary Duff was homeschooled and I read an interview once where she had been filming on location at a high school. Having never been to a high school before, she was shocked to hear how loud the bell was.