Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Sparkling Road-Less-Traveled

The other night I was talking with Devin as he was playing his new game on the PS3. I asked if he wanted to bring it with us on our upcoming trip to NJ and Canada. He said, "No, thanks." When I asked if he was worried something would happen to it and he said, "No. I just know I wouldn't play it. When we travel I love to meet new people, learn the language, try new foods and do new things. I can play games anytime. When we go somewhere new, I have to soak it all in."
As a speaker and writer, we travel a lot. We are traveling once a month for the next six months in fact. Sometimes I am asked, "Do you ever travel without your kids?" I respectfully reply, "No. We are a package deal." Joe calls us a "6-Pack!"
I am so grateful that our children love to travel as much a we do. The girls have been packed for 3 days and Tiff was so excited that she vacuumed the car out yesterday to help get ready to leave.
Our kids learn so much from traveling. I love to look in their eyes as we drive through a huge city, or try new foods, or visit a cool museum or little shop. They get excited about statues, and bodies of water, new insects and animals. They are passionate little people and I am so grateful that my dreams in life involve my children's dreams and interests. It is the perfect merging of desires.
Our next adventure... The Great Big Happy Life Conference, then Montreal, Canada.

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