Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We collected many different types of flowers on our property yesterday. We were putting them in vases all over the house. Our home is filled with the scent of Lilac and Narcissus. I love that in the spring we can run outside and pick our own bouquets of flowers anytime.

Tiff had a creative idea! I looked over and saw her taking all of the flowers of the stems and layering them into a vase.

I told her how beautiful I thought her vase of colorful flowers were. I asked her what her creation was called.

She said, "Flowertopia!"

We all made Flowertopias after being inspired by Tiff.

My children inspire me everyday, in every way!


Sherry said...

REALLY like this idea. :)

Danielle said...

That's cute... let us know what they do in a few days. It will be cute when (if?( they dry out. .

mamak said...

That came out great!