Saturday, May 23, 2009

Woodworking Days

Over the last few days Joe and the kids have spent a lot of time in the workshop.

Devin designed and made a gorgeous hanging shelving unit with closing door on the front. He wanted it to look old and had the idea for the pieces of wood screwed on the front with many black screws to give it a antique feel. I love it! He put some pegs on the inside to hang his necklaces too. Devin collects cool necklaces as souvenirs wherever we travel.

Tiff made a Hannah Montana box for her jewelery and Ivy made a colorful wooden sculpture.

The kids really fine tuned their woodworking skills over the last few days. They have a new confidence with the tools and it was fun to bask in their bright passion of creation!

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mamak said...

How fun! They came out great! I, too, have a necklace collecting boy, and a girl who loves Hannah!