Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Natural Math

Math and Numbers aren't something we every have to "teach" our kids. Numbers are part of our life and very useful tools to help us get what we want. They aren't separate from it.

Workbook pages and quizzes are never necessary, because I know that my kids learn about Math through living life rich with numbers..

Today Tiff wanted to know how many days until her birthday in October..

Joe sat down and created a graph of numbers so that she could figure out how many days, weeks and months it was until her birthday. They spent a long time talking and working through the numbers and because it had meaning for Tiff, she was doing addition, subtraction and multiplication very easily.
Internal Motivation is the Key to Learning.... This activity proves how easily a child can learn "math" because it isn't taken out of context. It has true meaning to my daughter.. and in turn, she learned so much...

Math isn't separate from life.... Math is part of Life!


Kathleen Daunhauer said...

Yes!!! I had a similar experience with my 11 year old daughter. Because of her experience in school math had become tainted. One day going for a walk, she asked how much money I made per hour at my job. this got her into figuring out how much I was making per week, per month etc. Late back home, she came up to me and said she felt really happy doing the math. When I asked why, she said because she was choosing to do it herself. I am happy too.....no more crying and text book throwing (long ago memories from math homework night when she went to prison).
Love your blog.

kelli said...

I'm the mom who lets her kid use the U-scan at the grocery store, even if it holds up the line a bit ;) he learns SO much from ringing up our groceries!