Saturday, July 11, 2009


A few months ago I wrote an article for a German homeschooling magazine.

Today we got a copy of the magazine with my featured article, "Radical Unschooling". The kids thought is was SO cool! to see their picture in a magazine over the ocean!

Uncshooling is Illegal in Germany, which adds to the whole intrigue of writing for them.

I have accepted an invitation to have my book, "Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun", translated into German.

The excitement of living this life builds everyday, as does the voice that I speak in many different languages..

I have been contacted my publishers in Australia, France and Asia... and a few more countries.. The philosophy is growing and I am honored to be leading the movement...
Unschooling will change the World... How cool that our family can be such an example!!


casual friday every day said...

Oh that is totally awesome!!


Krista said...

You are such a breath of fresh air every time I read your posts... and an inspiration.

Kinderlehrer said...

Congratulations Dayna!

Thanks for supporting German parents!

The challenge in that country is that even when home education becomes legal, the authorities will want to have rules (planning and reporting) and controls (testing) in place that will limit main-stream home education let alone unschooling. :(

Just look at what the authorities are trying to do in England at the moment.

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Oh my gosh... there is a German homeschooling magazine out there, and I don't know it? Shame on me. Must go check it out.

And congratulations to you for getting your book translated. How cool!

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Oh, and what would one do to get you to speak at a homeschooling conference at the West coast, when one's financial budget is less than spectacular, but one (well, actually two... Shady Lady is the one who made me aware of you) is really hoping to somehow make this work?

Maybe you could get in touch with Shady Lady? That would be so cool.

Dayna Martin said...

Hey Freckles!
I am always happy to speak at conferences. My only requirement is that they pay to get me there and stay.

I do get paid well to speak at the larger conferences, but I understand that smaller ones have smaller budgets, so I don't need to "make money" from speaking. I do however need my family to be covered getting out there and staying. I'm happy to speak about my passions and rock conferences all over the world! I am grateful for any opportunity to speak and to travel.

Just let me know the details and we can go from there.