Monday, July 13, 2009

A Worldwide Revolution!

I received the exciting news from my agent yesterday that my book, "Radical Unschooling" is now worldwide! For those from abroad who have been asking.... you've got It!

In the UK here

In Germany here

In France here

In Canada here

We have 18 reviews on Amazon already!
Check It out here!



Laura said...

Great news. I've been looking for it here in the UK and now a copy is on its way to me. Thank you! x

Susan Burke said...

SO so so cool Dayna! Hoping it catches on in Ireland and Scotland too! Heck! It is bound to!
Some of us are going to be near-ish to you on 7/22 and 7/23/09 If you are interested we would love to hang out with you all and have a blast! Love, Susan

Here is my post to LEAP:
Lochlann, Sebastian, my mother, her Fresh Air Kid Alexis and I will be at Monkey Trunks in Chocorua NH on July 22 at 10 am. It is about 2 hours, just shy, from Manchester to there. I posted all the info in the calendar. We are sleeping over night at my mother's home in Benton, NH even though it is an hour from Monkey Trunks because we are doing The Flume Gorge the next day. We are inviting anyone who would like to join us to come along! We have room for 11 other people to sleep at my Mom's home in Benton ( It sleeps 16) The next day, July 23rd, we will be going to The Flume Gorge to check it out! I haven't been there since I was a kid. I have also entered the info about the Flume into the calendar, web sites, costs, etc for both are in the calendar. If you are coming and will be sleeping over night and joining us at the Flume the next day please bring up food for your lunches at both places, and something to share pot luck dinner on the 22nd, and pot luck breakfast on the 23rd. I am not encouraging tent camping because there are bears who tend to wander through my mother's back yard. She is at the base of Black Mountain in the White Mountain National Forest. Contact me OFF LIST if you are seriously coming. We will be there whether or not anyone else from LEAP goes, but it would certainly enhance our lives if some of our LEAP peeps came along for the fun!
Susan, Lochlann, Sebastian, Marguerite ( Susan's Mum) and Alexis ( fresh air kid from The Bronx, NY)

Sam said...

How awesome for me in Canada :) Can't wait to read it.

bill farren said...

Wow. Great reviews. Putting in on my Amazon "to buy" list.
Just bumped into to your site. Looking forward to reading more.


Bill Farren
Participatory Learning

PDXHerbivore said...

Hi Dayna!

Have you considered publishing a Kindle edition of your book? I would love to get your book on my kindle so I can read it on the go!