Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Next Design Star!

Tiff has had an interest in fashion and clothes for as long as I can remember. She usually adds things to her clothes to make them more like *Her*. She adds yarn and ribbons and cuts things to fit a vision she creates in her mind. She loves hats, is crazy about shoes, and has a huge selection of hair accessories, make-up and jewelery.

I nurture this passion of hers in many ways. I bought her a professional style make-up and accessory kit. She keeps it so organized. We shop thrift stores for clothes and fabrics that spark her creativity.

I recently bought her something she just loved... A Doll Design Kit. The kit came with cardboard dolls, tons of fabrics, glue, beads and feathers among many other fabulous tools for her passion.

She spent hours designing the perfect clothing for each doll. I loved to watch her Sparkle when she measured, cut and glued the fabric to dolls.

One of my passions is to come up with new ways to nurture my children's interests. I love how their passions are always evolving, flowing and growing.

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Moxy Jane said...

Thanks for posting this! I, too, have a sparkling daughter who is always modifying her clothes so that they are more HER. It's quite liberating! Especially as I had a very conservative childhood and pretty much had a uniform that I had to wear. Expressing myself through dress was such a freeing experience for me once I left home. How nice that this expression can just be something natural and wonderful, without any judgment or guilt involved! Simple beauty.