Friday, August 14, 2009

Three of My Favorite Childhood Toys

I remember so many toys from my childhood! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites.

I remember the Christmas when I received my Strawberry Shortcake, "Berry Happy Home". I spent hours a day playing with this awesome doll house. I loved the porch swing!

This Barbie motorhome is set up almost exactly like our motorhome! (well the one we had before we hit the deer a few months ago). I can remember bringing it outside and playing with it for hours. One summer I wanted some money for something, so I had a little yard sale. I sold this for $5 to a girl next door. When my yard sale was over I regretted selling this so much that I knocked on the girls door and offered her $10 to buy it back. It was all the money I made that day. I SO loved this thing!

My sweet Holly Hobby Easy Bake Oven. My favorite thing to make in this was Saltine crackers with melted American cheese. I has this for years and I remember using it as a play kitchen too.

It's so interesting that one of my favorite toys as a child was my play kitchen and now that is what we have for a home business!

My dream home, RV and toy kitchen... I hadn't realized until now how so much of what I played with as a child helped to form who I am today!


Jody Walker said...

I have enjoyed looked over your family blog. Left another comment at the Tandem Nursing area. We recently moved to Rochester, NH from Wyoming and have yet to find natural living families that also have children the same age as ours; 5, 3 and 16 months, loves music, unschools, cloth diapers, tandem nurses, cares for the earth and generaly loves life. If you are close by and open to making new friends Dan, Linley, River, Maysa and I would love to try and get together some time. ust shoot us an email
We are expecting this fall to be a bit tough for Linley as the other few kids she knows her age head off to public school for similar friends would be helpful.

Kristi B. said...

That's so awesome how your toys that gave you so much joy parallel the joyful life you live--way to stay true to yourself! My child (4 yrs old), who had no idea I had just read this post, asked me just before she drifted off to sleep last night what MY favorite toys were when I was young. I smiled as I thought of your post and told her about some of MY favorites.

MilesToGo said...

I have this exact same Easy Bake Oven! It was just recently recovered from my parents' barn and I'm cleaning it up to share with my son.