Friday, September 25, 2009

Fairy House Lane

Behind our house there is a magical little place. There are ferns carpeting the ground and vines that wrap around the pine tree. There is a mystical face in the tree and a canopy of trees overhead. We can this place, Fairy House Lane.
For years, every fall, we make fairy houses. Devin was really into it for a few years, but his interest has died off a bit. Tiff is the one who loves making them this year the most.
When the kids make fairy houses they sometimes leave berries out for the fairies and make them nice little beds. The fairies "thank" the kids by leaving little pretty gems and stones during the night. When the kids wake up they run out to see what the fairies left them.

It's been a tradition of ours every Autumn for 7 years now.
Building Fairy Houses is such a creative project. Fairy Houses are made out of items found in nature. Our land is covered in wild flowers, little stones, milkweed, shells that we have collected, feathers, leaves and bark... We have 43 acres of forest to build Fairy Houses. By the end of the season we have many on our land. We love to watch the first snow fall cover them with a white blanket.

In the spring thaw it is exciting to see the fairy houses again. Some are missing walls and stones, but there they ready to either take down, or rebuild. We use the same materials every year and add much, much more.

Here is Tiff's first Fairy House of the year.

Another year, and the tradition continues.

“We learn simply by the exposure of living, and what we learn most natively is the tradition in which we live.” David Gartener

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Kendrah said...

We love fairy houses too. :)