Saturday, September 12, 2009

Learning Music Naturally

A few weeks ago, we were attending the Northeast Unschooling Conference. Part of the weekend was a performance by a musical group, "Fishing With Finnegan". The performance was fabulous and I was so impressed with this joyful family of four siblings who play Irish, Scottish, English and American Folk Music.

After the show I was talking with their mother and she shared that none of the children had ever had music lessons. They always had instruments lying around as part of their lives and environment. She inspired me so much!

Just like we choose to surround our children with the written word, we also choose to surround them with music and instruments. We recently acquired a piano. From the moment Devin sat down in front of it, he began playing. I mean really playing! Joe and I looked at each other in amazement. He truly has a natural gift. He has no interest in music lessons at all. He is just enJOYing the experience of playing in his own way. His music is so unique, so beautiful and perfectly *him*. I would never want to rob that from him by having an "expert" tell him how and what he should be playing, unless it was something he really wants to do.

I love the beauty of *Trust* living this life. We never have to rely on "experts" to perfect our skills and talents, even in such areas as music. All of my kids will continue on their own paths of musical growth in the way that they choose to. Seeing this amazing band reaffirmed my inner-knowing of what we are humans are capable of. Musical talent isn't something "taught". It is something inside of those who choose to release and nurture it.


Hilaree said...

What a beautiful post! I have been struggling with putting my wonderfully spirited 5 year old daughter back into ballet classes... when what my heart is telling me to do is to find another way to allow her to dance expressively, with other people...any ideas, anyone? She is an amazing dancer - totally on her own.

Anonymous said...

Put any music on and dance with her. I have done that most of my daughters life. We have a boogie together! She does go to ballet, and loves it. But that came after.
We dance to hip hop, classical, pop etc.

scatty said...

Way to go Dana. Robbie plays his guitar for hours on end. A year and a half ago, my husband gave him an informal "lesson" once a week for a few months. We knew he was musical, but he wasn't interested in lessons until he was nearly 14. In the last year and a half he has come on in leaps and bounds and is way better than his dad. So boohoo to those people who say that children who don't have lessons from an early age will be at a disadvantage.