Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chemistry Play

Devin loves to do experiments. He always has. I can't tell you how many gallons of vinegar and boxes of baking soda we've gone through over the years! Our kitchen cabinets are not only for sustenance, but also everything is fair game for experimentation!

We took Devin's interest to the next level and bought him a truly cool Chemistry kit called, Chem2000! We've been doing some very interesting experiments this week!

Devin rocks Chemistry and Physics... I've learned so much myself exploring this passion of his together.

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Kez said...

lol - good to know my house isn't the only one constantly going through bicarb (baking soda) & vinegar! DS7 loves experimenting too - he's currently telling me all about an experiment he wants to do about leaving an egg in milk for 3 weeks! Sounds pretty smelly :)