Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Role

As a mother to Four Unschooled children, it's important for me to take my role as my kids Learning Facilitator seriously. When my kids show an interest in something, I need to jump on it and do all that I can to get their questions answered and bring as much of the World into their lives as possible in a way that they each desire. I offer options to learn more about whatever they are interested in.

Yesterday Devin asked me what Sea Shells were made of, and where they came from. I didn't know all the details of the answer, but knew that I needed to find out. His need to know these questions, led to his siblings needing to know the answers also.

As an Unschooling parent I know that I do not need to know all the answers, but I do need to know how to find out all of the answers.

I jumped online and began researching all that I could about Sea Shells. I dug through our own personal resources and found a big box of Seashells in our attic that were given to Devin from my Uncle Kenny. My Uncle gave Devin his lifetime collection of seashells. I tucked them away in our attic and it was so nice to be able to pull them all out when my kids wanted to learn about them.

Here are some pics of the kids learning about Seashells. We are fortunate enough to be taking a trip to Costa Rica in September and we will all be snorkeling and living in the jungles and beaches for two weeks, totally primitive! No luxury hotels, no room service... We are literally living in the Rain Forest among the most endangered of animal species on the Planet.

-I can't imagine a more rewarding role than as an Radical Unschooling parent!


Danielle said...

Thank God for Google. Orion is not a baby anymore!

Danielle said...

Thank God for Google. Orion is not a baby anymore!

debbiemomof2 said...

SO nice that the internet is around for just such an occasion.