Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Radical Bean Mosaics

Today was a snowy day here in New Hampshire. It was the perfect day to make a big batch of potato leek soup and do an art project.

I pulled out several bags of dried beans and rice and scoured the Internet for something fun to do with them.I came across the idea to make Bean Mosaics. The kids all loved the idea. I called Joe over from the shop and asked him if he could bring over some scrap wood and wood glue. I separated the beans by color. The kids each painted their entire piece of wood with glue and began creating. I asked Devin and Tiff if they wanted to see a pictures of mosaics online before getting started, but they said they would rather just "create something from their own minds".

Together they made 8 different mosaics. It was a lot of fun, and Tiff suprised me and cleaned up all of the beans and rice after we were finished. Just another *day in the life*.


Shady Lady said...

I love spontaneous crafty moments!! What a fun idea. We so have to try this!!

The Wacky Lackeys said...

That's beautiful! I LOVE this idea!

mamak said...

That came out so so so lovely!