Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Birth of a New Passion

Devin has delved into a new passion. Wooden Jewelry making!

He recently designed a unique set of earrings for me. I love them! You can actually count the rings in the wood to reveal it's age. He said the energy of the tree is still in them, so I can draw strength from them when I need them. I thought this was such an amazing idea for jewelry.

He is in the process of designing necklaces and bracelets with the same concept. He will be selling them on Etsy.

I've began researching how to nurture this passion more. We've visited jewelry making websites and purchased tools and cool clasps and accessories.

It's so exciting when you are on the cusp of a new passion, interest or endeavour with your children. You never know where it may lead.


SibeFamily said...

Beautiful Devin!!

Anonymous said...

really stunning - is he thinking of selling them? i'm thinking an etsy shop may be in order :)

Anonymous said...

Devin is starting to seem more "Shamanic" lately. KWIM? My friend Suzanne's son is the same way, and about the same age too. I hope he listens to his calling...