Saturday, April 3, 2010

Embracing Springtime Floods

Every year, when the snow melts our backyard floods. Years ago it would bother me so much! I couldn't wait for the pond to be gone so we could have our yard back. It always felt so upstream to get frustrated with nature. I remember the days where my emotions were so easily pliable that if it rained out, I could be thrown in a downward spiral of emotional turmoil.

My children make the best out of any situation. They also have a positive attitude and live in acceptance for what Is. After I had children, I began to see things through their eyes. If it would rain, they would exclaim that it was good for the flowers. If it would snow they'd cheer because they could go sledding. If we lost power in a storm they loved being able to live by candlelight and cook our food on the fire.

My children have taught me so much about unconditional love and acceptance. If as parents we are open to learning from them we grow in so many incredible ways as human beings. I am so grateful for all that my children represent to me in this world.

Here are Tiff and Ivy, making the best out of our yearly springtime flooding. Seeing their ability to go with the flow and focus on the Joy of everything around them inspires me daily.

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Anonymous said...

Try throwing some fish in there that eat mosquitos and ants...