Saturday, May 1, 2010

Earth Pride

Today was "Valley Pride" day in the Mount Washington Valley. It is a special day in which we clean up our neighborhood together, as a community. The girls were really excited about taking part in it this year. We were up early and ventured off up and down the streets near our home and cleaned up the trash. Tiff said it was like an Easter Egg hunt, except we hunted for trash.

As we were walking Ivy said, "This is our neighborhood. We should do this every week to keep it clean!" Now that the kids are older, they are actually taking responsibility for their neighborhood and the Earth! It isn't something that I've ever coerced or dragged them along to do. It is an event that I gave them information about that they choose to take part in because it felt good to them. The kids have always seen me taking responsibility and pride in doing my part in helping to keep our community and the Earth clean. I've always shared why I care about our community and the Earth and they've witnessed the strides I make to do what I see as my part.

There was a celebratory BBQ to end the morning and we all had a great time listening to live music and spending time with others who helped clean up our city and surrounding towns. It was such a fabulous way for the kids to connect with others who felt the way that they did about the Earth and the place that they call home.


Kendrah said...

Love this! Thank you for sharing. The area you live in looks beautiful!

Momioso said...

It's so great how you're incorporating earth day into every day! We do that too... in fact, my kids are very fond of doing trash treasure hunts along the pathway by our house. If we make "green" a part of their daily lives, it will be normal for them to live that way throughout their lives, don't you think?