Saturday, July 31, 2010

How Unschoolers Learn

Devin and Joe watched a new show on the Discovery Channel this week. It is called, "The Colony". They have been seeing previews for weeks and couldn't wait for it to air! They loved the show because it is about a topic that interests them both. I made them snacks and helped to make the experience of the premiere a special one.

THE COLONY features on-going commentary and input from experts in homeland security, engineering, psychology and the medical community, with expertise and insight into what the future could look like after a biological disaster. Throughout this season, the colonists face daunting physical and emotional challenges as they attempt to survive in a world void of all the niceties they've ever known, including environmental dangers such as disastrous weather and indigenous wildlife."

Devin was intrigued when they made a water purifier on the show after a mock disaster. He was SO inspired! When he woke up the morning after the show, he had a plan to create one and let us know everything he needed to make it. Joe and I facilitated his desire to make one himself in various ways. I got him a T-Shirt for part of the filter, Joe helped him make charcoal. Not much really, because it was something *He* wanted to do. We told him to let us know how we could help him if he needed it.

Devin was so engrossed in the project that he *Shined* during the creation of it, as he was so in alignment with his desires and who he was in the moment.

Unschoolers learn when they are internally motivated. This desire to create, learn and explore is infectious and can not be stopped. Passions are like flames that grow into roaring fires with love, nurturing and support from involved, connected parents.

What Devin made was something that aids in the health and benefit of humanity. He took one of the most important components of human life and with his interest, desire and own two hands, learned about and then created a way to turn undrinkable water into pure, clean water. This life skill is one that he values very much. The confidence and skills that he gained from this project has inspired him to create and invent similar tools of survival.


jules said...

wow Devin that looks awesome, would love to hear more about your fun with water when you come to Australia next month
warm regards Julie & Billy

Melissa said...

This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Here is something to cheer you up. It is a little light, but decidedly positive and way up here in conservative Calgary, Alberta. I read your blog often and thought you'd like to read it: