Monday, August 2, 2010

Peace, Love and Fairy Houses

One of my children's favorite outdoor activities is building Fairy Houses. It's somewhat of a tradition in the Northeast, and especially with our family!

The Fairies often leave our children tiny rocks and gems in gratitude. They run outside first thing in the morning to see what the fairies left them that night.


Sticks, Bark, Pine cones, Flowers, Berries, Pebbles, Pussy Willow Branches, Feathers
Other natural materials such as shells and stones


Pick a safe, protected spot (for example, against a tree or stone wall) to place your fairy house. Watch out for poison ivy... (I found this out hard way this week!)

Poke sticks and bark into the ground and prop them against each other to hold the walls and roof in place.Use large stones as the foundation and build up with sticks from them.
Use pine cones for a fanciful fence, tiny pebbles for a pathway to the front door, a bent pussy willow branch as an archway, and a feather to decorate the birch bark chimney (and can double as a flag or a plume of smoke).

When the home is finished you can tuck a house-warming present inside. For instance: a pussy willow bud (fairies use them for pillows), an acorn cap cup (perfect for mint tea), stems of lavender (splendid wands), ripe berries, or some other surprise.

Tiffs Tips:

1. Although woodland houses are usually made, beach houses or backyard bungalows are also appreciated. Tiff recently made an entire house out of shells and starfish!

2. Build the house out of natural materials, such as fallen twigs, driftwood, pine cones, and bark found on the ground. Don't pick materials from living plants or trees and sure not to disturb an animal's home.

3. Build houses year-round, not just in the summertime. Fairies love finding cozy spots after a snowstorm.

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