Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Children of the New Paradigm

We take it from our children starting in preschool, then once they hit their teen years, we are trying to give it back to them. We see that some kind of spark is missing. It's their self-love and inner knowing.

The institution of traditional parenting and school is set up in such a way that parents end up believing that they need to help instill self-worth to children. It seems a prevalent idea that self-esteem and confidence is something that needs to be "gained".

Our unschooled children who are growing up in a partnership paradigm usually never loose the self-worth that all humans are born with. From the moment we are born, our default setting is to love ourselves. It is all part of human survival. You do not see an animal in the wild insecure or living with low self esteem. It isn't something that needs to be gained or instilled in children, unless kids are robbed of it through living a life where others value obedience above all else.

In the old paradigm, parents and educators create the very problems they are trying to later "fix", In the same way a doctors preventative actions often times cause problems in birth and then the doctor ends up placing themselves in the role of the "hero" rescuing the woman and her baby from certain trauma, the current model creates low self-esteem and insecurity that it later tries to fix and then it seems that the institution is to thank for their child feeling better about themselves.

When we are living a life in the new paradigm, kids never loose their inner knowing of Who They Are. They do not need to rely on others telling them their greatness to know their greatness. I find it facinating, but a very signifigant differnce from how I felt as a child...My children do not care what others think about them. This doesn't mean that they don't care about others feelings or needs. On the contrary.... my children have a great deal of empathy for others. They just do not value what others think of them as any reflection of how they measure their own self-worth.
My children love themselves Unconditionally, because they are loved without conditions.

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