Friday, August 13, 2010

Creation Inspiration

I thought that it would be fun to share some snapshots of a few of the things that we have created this week.

I made a stone path through the woods leading to Devin's treehouse.

Devin built a tree house earlier in the week and yesterday added a workshop to it on the bottom level.

I made Blueberry Margaritas from frozen blueberries that we picked at Foss Mountain.

Devin made what he calls "Chinese Slippers" out of wood and rope.

Tiff made our family in Doll Ghost Form. So cute!

Devin made a knife from heating metal scraps in a fire and them pounding it into shape. He then made a handle from a wooden dowel and velvet rope.

Joe made a garden waterer for next years garden. We are prepping the ground already and Joe invented this awesome waterer out of an twelve-foot perforated pipe that is often used for septic systems.

Devin created a "foot washer" for us to use before we go in for the night. In the summer none of us wear shoes, so our tootsies need a hose-down at the end of the day. Devin's invention is really useful! I'm so grateful to him for making something to make our life easier and more fun!

Devin made a necklace out of pine. He sanded it down for a long time creating a smooth, beautiful look. (He says it also doubles as a weapon or decoration )


be said...

so amazing! your kids remind me of my siblings and i when we were kids! we were always making something! it's so awesome to see what you guys are up to! :)

Ariad said...

Love your families creations! That foot washer looks great, we could use one here too:)