Friday, August 20, 2010

of Birth

Around 9:30pm the other night, my Doula client needed my support because labor had begun. After talking to her husband I headed over to their house, which was filled with items to welcome their new baby boy.

The birth was amazing. Having the experience of giving birth four times myself, I can approach childbirth education from a personal experience. I share a lot about the Law of Attraction in my birthing classes and discuss the concept of creating the birth you want by feeling more Joy during pregnancy and birth. It's very different than any other birthing "method".

This was a very fast birth and during that time, the husband was so emotionally supportive, that I was able to grab their camera and snap several photos of them together. I SO wish that I have photos like that when my kids were born. I have *very* few photos because I never took the responsibility to "assign" that to someone at my births.

I took this photo during the part of labor called, "transition". It is the most amazing picture because it looks like you can see the intense energy coming from the Mom!

This was the most powerful birth that I have ever attended. Seeing the laboring Mom Joyful in labor is something that I rarely get to witness in hospital births. Watching her smile during pushing made me realize that teaching about birth with the law of attraction component was the secret to empowering and educating couples about birth in a very positive way.
I am sure that other Doulas can relate when I share that this was one of those births that changed me. It gave me even more affirmation that I am on the right path. I love being a Doula and childbirth educator. I am very passionate about helping people learn the Truth about birth and all of the options and choices that couples today are faced with.

I am working on a book called, "Attraction Birth". It's taking a bit longer than I anticipated to finish the book, because I have a few births lined up and really want to go through the experiences before finishing. I plan on offering teacher trainings all over the country to train and certify childbirth educators in, "Attraction Birth". It will be a new and exciting adventure!

Birth is something that changed my entire life philosophy and beliefs. The way that Devin was brought into this world was the very first step onto the path of Trust, Respect and Freedom that we are living today. I know that by educating others about options, I am not only opening doors for them that they didn't know were there for their birth, but for parenting and educating and health care and everything else that follows.


Cathy said...

Absolutely beautiful photo and philosophy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Natalie said...

That's beautiful. I didn't know much about LOA before my first birth, but 100% took Ina May's words to heart about the joy of birth and only focusing on that in what I read or watched or heard ... for myself ... and my baby.

My birth was 15 peaceful, blissful hours, the last 8 in a pool. The attending midwife had to ask when I was having surges as I naturally meditated through them and the only outward sign was my one raised finger so my husband would know when I was done.

As my initiation into motherhood, it was profound and spiritual and powerful.

I love the idea of promoting Attraction Birth. What a wonderful inspiration.

Momioso said...

It's so funny, I was just writing in my pregnancy journal about transition time in birth. I'm due in 7 weeks with my 3rd child; it'll be my 3rd out of hospital birth. I was outlining my intent for the birth - the same as with my prior 2 - easy, quick, painless and complication free. I have experienced beautiful, easy, painless births both times, and I believe it is due to me holding a joyful, peaceful heart about birth.

The only thing I am a little wary about is transition though. It's so incredibly intense for me.. so overwhelming. Long story short, thanks for reminding me about the LOA and how it can relate to birth and transition time within birth.

Beverly said...

Aaaaaaaah. Your posts help me embrace life. Thanks!

Elvie said...

Just thought I'd let you know that in the comments section here :
some people who were unschooled discuss their experiences. I thought it might be of interest!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder. Would definately be interested in your class once it begins.

I remember arriving at the Hospital 18 years ago at 3am to birth my second.I was fully and neatly dressed, lipstick and earring on with my 4 yearold in tow. The nursesthouh for sure I was not in labor I was to come to put together but sure enough I was 6 cm and progressing right along.
@ 6hrs later I squatteed and she was born.

I was so unaware during my first birth that I was determined to be empowered by this one. Using visualization and LOA all the way before the terms were envogue. I just knew that if I did it once I could easily and peacefully do it again.

I've birth 3 times since and desire to birth twice more.

YOU ROCK DAYNA...I love your continued evolution!

suebee said...

I am a Birthing From Within childbirth mentor with dreams of becoming a homebirth midwife. My first was a planned drug-free hospital birth that took 58 hours (all but the last 3 were at home). A beautifully empowering birth, especially since I had little to no support from friends and family. My second was a 7 hour homebirth, where our son was not willing to wait for the midwife. He was born in our bathroom, 10 feet from where he was conceived, into his daddy's hands with only his mommy and daddy in the room. Birth also transformed me, my philosophies and convictions, and I am also on my current path because of my miraculous birth experiences. Keep rockin' it, Dayna!

Ariad said...

Love your birthing philosophy:)

Terri said...

I love it! I have had 2 beautiful births and plan on training in Hypnobirthing next year. I'd love to take your class too when available...birth is so incredible!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful blog! Thank you for showing some light in to ways that are perhaps a bit more difficult to find. I have found your blog very inspiring for my own family and life!

Sumaya said...

Hi Dayna. Thank you so much for writing such an amazing blog. I have also seen your youtube videos and they really expanded my knowledge about unschooling life. I have just started my doula training and I would like to ask you if you could maybe suggest some good books (websites etc) about birth/pregnancy from which I could learn? There is a lot on the market but most are far from speaking about pregnancy/birth as a joyful process, and I'd like to read something which would reflect your philosophy (which I totally share). Thank you!