Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Australian Adventure

We just returned home from an amazing trip to Australia. Our family was invited to visit by the organizers of the first ever Unschooling Conference in the land down under.

I had the honor of being the Keynote speaker, and what an experience!It took us two days to get there traveling on 4 planes each way. It was intense and exciting.

The conference itself was fabulous. One of the best we've ever been part of. There was over a hundred families in attendance. We made so many new friends and connected with people we've known online for years.

I knew the conference would be exciting, but I had no idea it would enrich our lives in such a powerful way.We were in Australia for a total of three weeks. The first week was the Unschooling conference and the last two were left for relaxation, exploring and visiting with new friends. Our villa was right on the beach, which was so nice. Waking to the sounds of the many local birds was one of my favorite memories of the mornings there.

Joe and Devin both spoke at the conference. Joe led the Fathers session and Devin spoke on a panel of Unschooled Kids. It was the first time Devin spoke about our life in public. I was in awe of how well and confidently he answered questions thrown at him.One thing that I've learned from the experience is that we as humans have so many more similarities than differences. My Australian friends were so much like me in the way that we choose to live our lives. Our respect for our children and desire for freedom were the same. Our intent for joy and peace were another common thread.

The night before we left, I walked to the conference site. I stood there amongst the trees and grass, where the tents once stood. I reached up to the sky and my eyes filled with tears of gratitude for all that was brought to that sacred space. I was humbled by nature in place of our tents, laughing children and gathering of kindred spirits. I thanked the Universe for allowing me be a voice for respectful, peaceful parenting.

A few days before we jumped on a plane back home to America, Erica and Maree, the conference organizers, asked me to come back for next years' conference. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that we would return to Australia! Of course... we all said "yes!"

I am so grateful to have been able to travel the world speaking about something that I am so passionate about. I know that I've only just begun all that I am meant to do in my life. Great things are happening and the world is shifting to a evolved consciousness in regards to parenting, children and peace.

I am proud to be part of this growing movement.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at thesparklingmartins.blogspot.com could post it.


Beverly said...

Hip, hip, hooray! So happy for you and your family, Dayna.

Erica Perry said...

Wow Dayna - your post is so beautiful it bought tears to my eyes. Big hugs and kisses. Love Erica.

Walter Stahl said...

Here's a post-humous goodbye and HooRoo! from Walter [and Katrine and Teo]from Brissie.
...just read your Aussie-post coming from Erica's new blog, and it was indeed very lovely being reminded of the conference through your thoughts.
It was great, and I want to tell you that as a still self-unschooling newbie Papa with a many oldschool memes running around my mind,I really got a lot from just hearing/seeing you 'in real life': Just your ability to say relevant stuff in regards to any topic, with such relaxed and confident grounding, that was more helpful than I had imagined. While I speak for myself, I know that Katrine's experience was very similar. So thanks, and, yes, we're looking forward to next year, as well! Was lovely meeting you Martins, say hi to everyone, and big cheers,

arun said...

it was wonderful to meet you and your family and like so many we appreciated your input into the conference. I think it really made a big impact on unschooling in australia and no doubt was the start of bigger things.

great to hear that we will be seeing you again next year!

jules said...

Thank you Dayna you have enriched my family's life for the past couple of years so awesome to finally meet you in person.

So excited to hear you and your lovely family will be back next year.

warm hug

Cath Mundy said...

I agree with everything Walter just said!!! The Sparkling Martins contribution to Australia's first unschooling conference was just incredible. I believe we have all been uplifted & inspired, united & strengthened. Our family feel so supported & validated in our choice to follow this life. That is so valuable. Australia just loved you - and we are thrilled you'll be back. Travel safe and we'll see you then!!!
Love n Song
from Cath, Jay & Joshua

dreamingofunschooling said...

Dayna I was really sorry to miss out on the conference, we are very likely unschooling and I would have loved to meet you and your family and hear you speak. We will definately be at next year's conference though and we so look forward to it. Seeing your Youtube videos years ago helped so much in inspiring me toward unschooling. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Australia!

Ariad said...

So great you had a good time here in Oz and will be back next year. We couldn't make it to this years conference but are already planning to go to the next one.

Love reading your thoughts about unschooling:)

Dayna Martin said...

Thank you everyone! I can't wait to see you all again next year.