Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Design Remix

We have a large space over Willow Toys that we use as a large family room. I became inspired recently to create more interesting spaces for my children.

I created a dress up area using mirrors at varying heights so that all of the kids could use the area. I love how the mirrors look mismatched. Most of these belonged to my grandmother.

The other area are little play cubbies for each one of our children. They love having their own little "rooms" over in our large family room. They aren't quite finished yet. Joe is adding decorative, finishing touches and paint that each of our kids picked out.

I cut the legs in half on this round table to create a Japanese inspired table with floor chairs around it. There is a small area for books and magazines now too!

The fall weather and upcoming holidays always inspire me to go through our stuff and find new uses for it! Everything pictured we already had, I just pulled it all together in a new way!


Anonymous said...

I love the way you've created fantastic interesting spaces for your kids to BE in. Looks like so much fun!
Thanks for sharing, very inspiring!

be said...

this is so great! love the short table!

the Rooney-Corrows said...

We did this a few years ago and all the kids love it. Especially if you have chopsticks and sushi.......