Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everyday Beauty

Here is a pile of stuff Joe pulled out of the heater before we started using the wood furnace again. It is a ritual for him to clean it every year. When looking at this lint and scrap pile, I began to recognise all of the little things we did throughout the year together to make this pile of love. Crafts, coloring, playing with our birds and reading were just some of the things we did in that spot of the house. The memories and love were there! I felt them in this tiny pile that I almost just threw away.

It reminded me to slow down and life and look closer at everything... even things we usually do not take a second glance at. You never know what you may see!


Anonymous said...


You, Your Family, Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Everything..... My thoughts are endless, my heart is full, I THANK YOU, for YOU, Dayna!!(O:

No matter how much most people around me try(key word TRY) to get me to question my AUTHENTIC BEAUTIFUL LIFE with my FAMILY(hubby & kiddos), it all feels so real and natural when I visit your writings.

I question why sooooo many can not feel or understand the natural way of RU life, how can they not see/feel the peaceful realism of it all.

1 of my many New Years missions is to meet you and yours this year, as well as my kiddos to meet the mini Martins. They love looking @ The Sparkling Martins Blog with me, they're always asking when we'll get together!!LOL

Sincerely your Friendly NH Neighbor
Shaina & Fam
New Boston, NH

Dayna Martin said...

Thanks so much Shaina!
Maybe you and your family can come to the Life Rocks! Conference?
I would love to meet you also. <3 and gratitude.