Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Family Museum

Devin had the idea of creating a Family Museum. He felt as though we have so many interesting things in our home and on our property that we could display them to initiate discussion. I loved the idea!

We plan on changing the items every month or so. What a fun new way for us to learn more about and display historic and interesting items from our attic, cellar, or dug up from our yard!


Lise said...

I have an early childhood program in my home, and we did something similar last year, creating a museum from the stuff the kids dug up in the yard. They sorted the stuff into some plexiglass-fronted boxes that had been donated to us and labeled each one: glass, money, pottery, toy car, etc. We set it all up on a shelf and kept adding and adding to it. Great fun, and so cool to think/talk about where it all came from.

Jackie said...

My son loves making family museums. He charges us, but admission is cheap!

Anonymous said...

Snagging this idea for our house! Love it!!! May I reiterate it on my FB? (with credit and link of course) :)