Friday, January 28, 2011

Heal Thyself

In the last five years I have learned so much about the power of the mind. I have read hundreds of books on self improvement, positive thinking, and the law of attraction. I have done things that I never knew were possible. I'd love to share a story of my healing.

I have worn glasses since I was a child. A few years ago, I learned that it was possible to cure poor eyesight through the power of intention. I began telling myself that I could see clearly and I threw my glasses away. I began noticing my eyesight getting better as the days went on. What was once fuzzy for me to read, I could see as clearly as I did with glasses a week before!

I really trusted that my body could heal itself. I think that was the most important aspect of being able to truly heal my eyes. I *knew* that I could do it. I believed in my own ability and never doubted so a moment that it couldn't be done.

I told myself that I could see perfectly. I ate well, took vitamins and Krill Oil, both of which I learned was helpful in healing yourself of any illness. I began exercising regularly and eating well. So much of being able to do this was my trust in my own ability and combining it with a holistic way of living.

It only took me a couple of weeks to completely get my eyes at 20/20! I visited the eye doctor to confirm my healing. He was *floored* when I told him that I healed myself and gave me an eye exam and confirmed that I had perfect eyesight! He said that in all of his years of being an eye doctor he has never seen anyone heal their eyes before without surgery.

Your beliefs are very powerful! If you believe you can heal yourself, you will take actions and make decisions based on this belief and create the outcome you desire. You can then do things you never knew were possible!

If I had only listened to my eye doctor who said the only way to fix my eyes was with surgery, I would have never attempted to do it myself. I am so glad that I was introduced to another way to view my own power in my personal health. My doctor wanted to know my secret. I told him it was about believing in your inner ability and never expecting anything less than seeing perfectly. I turned him onto a more holistic perspective to eye care that he now may use in his own practice!

I am so grateful to have been able to heal myself over a year ago. My eyes grow stronger everyday and I now see better than I ever have! My inner and outer vision are now in perfect alignment and life just keeps getting better and better!

Ask - Believe - Receive!


Adrienne said...

I love this! I was just reading similar stories in this issue of Well-being Journal.

terriachmann said...

Dayna -- you have great faith in your body and spirit, and we can all learn from this.

I was able to keep myself alive for 2 years of daily haemorrhaging, due to a uterine tumour, and I know it was through listening "within"... apparently, I should have been dead.

That just felt right. Getting my vision back to 20/20? Oh my... what a dream. But you've planted a seed, my dear... Thank you! ;-)

Susan Burke said...

Definitely planted a seed! I am absolutely hearing better and better each day staring now!!! I will hear things I haven't been able to hear in years!!! This is going to be awesome!!

Karen said...

Oh, Dayna, this just gives me goosebumps. Thanks so much for sharing - it is this sort of stuff that you could share in your LOA talks at the conferences (if you feel comfortable that is). I'm going to share the link with my husband who is in the habit of saying his poor vision is just old age - I try not to get irritated by this and struggle to refrain from commenting all the time so hopefully coming from a third party, subtly, you might plant a seed there too. Thanks, Karen xxx

Vanyvalu said...

Absolutely great!
Thanks for sharing your healing :)

Ariad said...

Thaks for this wonderful post Dayna. It's so grea to read stories of the power of intention at work.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I was proud of myself for using power of intention to finally manage to get a contact in my eye. Great job, Dayna. Did u have astigmatism?

Dayna Martin said...

Yes Danielle, I did. I don't anymore!

GraceAlone71 said...

I just think this is so cool! I too have astigmatism, and have worn glasses since 4th grade. Very inspiring thanks for sharing. =)


sleepysnail said...

I had astigmatism and I was nearsighted when I was younger. I wore glasses from kindergarten until I was a junior in high school. One day I decided that I wasn't going to wear them anymore. The next time I went to the eye doctor's I had better than 20/20 vision. This same Dr had told me repeatedly that I would have to wear glasses my entire life. I think glasses make ours eyes weaker because they don't have to work as hard. Not wearing glasses actually makes them stronger :)

GraceAlone71 said...

@sleepysnail "I think glasses make ours eyes weaker because they don't have to work as hard. Not wearing glasses actually makes them stronger :)"

I agree with you, I too believe they make your eyes weaker,and dependent upon them. So how would I go about getting rid of my glasses? I can't see myself going cold turkey because for the moment I do need them for driving, but I could try not wearing them around the house. How did you do it?


kelly @kellynaturally said...

Wow! How did you start? You said you just threw your glasses away...

I have to drive my car a lot - with my children, and I make myself batty any time I've tried not to wear my glasses around the house.

I've worn glasses nearly my entire life. I won't do surgery, but would love love love to be glasses-free. Just a couple of WEEKS, really? Were you nearsighted?

Just a matter of throwing away my glasses & believing?

Laura Gyre said...

I have wondered about this myself and I am among those who have a hard time navigating even the basics of life without glasses...for those who are considering a gradual approach, I want to suggest the idea I'm considering: ordering a weaker prescription of glasses - you generally can't do this in the united states because you're required to have a prescription from a qualified doctor, but you can order them internationally and sometimes for very cheap ($30 or less) in any strength you want. Then, once you get comfortable with those, you could go to an even weaker prescription, or none.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Tante B said...

Oh this sounds so great, it is my dream!
But what about when you have more than -8 diopters????
I had perfect sight until I was 11 year old. Then myopia started and over the years became really bad...since I am 25 I have more than -8 and only are happy that the last 10 years it hasn´t become worse.

Starthrower said...

What I find amazing isn't that you actually did this but that we still, a couple thousand years after being told we could and showed that we could heal that we are still amazed when it happens. I've told my two children that they can heal and they do. After all we were told that we could and I am not a religious fanatic by any means. I just truly believe we can. Thank you for believing and being an example. You are a remarkable woman.