Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Life Rocks! Radical Unschooling Conference

I am so excited to share that we have organized a Radical Unschooling Conference to take place this April! There are so many events, Joyshops and inspiring speakers! It is at an amazing resort with an indoor water park.
We also have a yahoo group to join where you can ask questions and connect with others who are attending. You can join the group here.

We hope to see you there rockin' the Revolution with us!


SibeFamily said...

Oh I hope we can come out!! Can't wait to meet you and other Unschoolers and learn more, and see lots of Unschooling action! I love that Exactly is the official anthem! -Jessica

Anonymous said...

Even though I live overseas, I checked out the conference website and it looks just amazing! How I wish we could attend. I wish you and everyone there a wonderful time.