Friday, February 10, 2012

Devin's Daggers!

As an Unschooler, Devin thinking of life and the purpose of living very differently than most kids his age do today. Devin isn't "preparing for the future", he is living Now!  He knows that he only has to do what he loves in life, and the money will flow to him. He has so many passions and interests that he could make money in various ways even at this point in his life. He has always had the freedom and time to do what he wants and live his own agenda, not someone else's idea of what they think he should be doing. In living this freedom, he has mastered skills and talents that only adults have the freedom to pursue in our culture. 
He chooses to spend his days creating, exploring and supporting others on their personal paths. Devin saw a very cool compass that he wants from a Steampunk shop online. He decides to make and sell a few wooden daggers to be able to buy it. I love his passion for everything Steampunk right now and I love that he is inspired to create to make the money to buy his compass.

Devin is selling these wooden daggers for $10 ea. with FREE shipping! Natural, beautiful and made of pine, these daggers are filled with magic! Each one is unique and made by Devin Martin. Please send Paypal payment to

Thank you for supporting young entrepreneurship!!

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