Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life Rocks! is COMING!!

Did you know that our family, The Sparkling Martin's, host an annual Radical Unschooling Conference?

This year's events are mindblowing and sure to inspire you on your Unschooling path! Join us for the 2nd annual Life Rocks! Conference.

Life Rocks is all about giving your family as big of a world as possible and introducing our children to new and exciting experiences! From Fire Twirling to Insect Eating, this year will bring so much joy and passion into your lives as a family!


Keynote Presentation - John Holt and Unschooling philosophy. Pat Faregna

What is Radical Unschooling?
Learn about the basics of Radical Unschooling philosophy. See the learning in all that your children do.

Unschooling From Birth
Nadja Elspeth Profit

The Accidental Unschooler
Roderick Russell

Life With No Limits: Bedtimes, Media and Food Freedom
Dayna Martin

Real-life Unschooling Parents panel
Q & A
led by, Linda Velwest

Fathering in Freedom
Joe Martin

Life in the Slow Lane: Unschooling on the Road
Tina and Eric Hedin

Celebrating Your Sensitive Child
Jennifer Schutzius

Unschooling Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll
Dayna Martin

Unschool Spirit: Empower Your Intention
Brent Nelson & Nikki Shields

Deschooling 101
Don & Debra Mann

Nothing Is Impossible: Session to inspire kids and teens to never give up on their dreams.
Roderick Russsell

Joe Martin & Roderick Russell

Always Unschooled: Q & A with teen Unschooler who has never been to school.
Devin Martin

Law of Attraction and Mindful Parenting
Josha Grant

Unschooling as a Springboard to Spirit & Joy
Julie Genovese

Rules are for Grown-ups: One cop’s struggle with enforcing laws at work and living lawless at home.
Tom Schutzius

Common Unschooling Questions Answered
Dayna Martin

A Journey Into Surrogacy
Christina Cretella

Unschooling Teens - The Rebellion Myth
Laurie A. Couture

What Are Your Children Learning? A former teacher’s perspective on unschooling
Nicole Olson

Living In Two Worlds
Discover how a dad of four little ones learned to blend his corporate responsibilities with the unschooling life
Ted Olson, serial entrepreneur, Internet marketer, and corporate leader, shares his experience


Fire Twirling & Fire Play
Devin Martin, Roderick Russell

Steampunk Innovation
Laurie Shutt MacKeigan

Kandy Jewelery Making
Xavia Ali Vicente

Needle Felting
Tiff Martin, Karson Forslund

Music Together! with Kasia

Nerf Gun War!
Devin and Orion Martin

Air Brushing
Eddie Vicente

Fairy House Building

Brycen R. R. Couture

Leonardo di Vinci Invention Contest

Zombie Lovers Unite!
Caitlin O'Reilly

Hattie McCarthy

Music Exploration and perfomance from DIVION!
Brycen R. R. Couture

American Girl Doll Meetup
Ellie Vicente, Hannah & Molly Schutzius, Tiff and Ivy Martin

Minecrafters Gathering
Devin Martin

Fairy Tea Party
Dayna Martin & Caitlin O'Reilly

Knitting Circle
Melanie Longfellow

Morning Kundalini Yoga
Raji Kelley Simpson

Epic Fort Making
Ellie Vicente

Paper Airplanes
Brad Deveau

Radical Couponing
Rachel Kelleher Deveau

Taking Apart Electronics
Joe Martin

Dumpster Diving 101
Joe Martin

Uncooking: Intro. to Raw Food
Dayna Martin

Evening Meditation
Christian Locke

Special Events!

Extreme Wildlife Encounter

private performance featuring
Roderick Russell!

Insect Tasting Party!

private performance featuring punk rock band
Zombie Beatdown

Radical Talent Show

Renegade Bazaar

Door Decorating Contest

Rockin' Rave DJ Dance Party


Sensual Feast

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