Monday, March 12, 2012

Tiff's New Passion: Puppets!

Our family recently watched the inspiring documentary, "Being Elmo." After watching it, she became so inspired to create a puppet that we began searching online to find a tutorial to create one in a similar manner to the "Muppets." We found this awesome guy who shares step-by-step how to create them.
Check him out here 

Tiff and her first puppet, Zerek

Tiff and her second puppet, Zarah

Tiff's Unschooling friends, Hannah and Molly

Tiff is a very powerful creator and when she is focused on something, it inspires her friends. During a recent visit, Tiff's friends also wanted to learn how to make a puppet. I spent the day helping them all create their visions.
Facilitating my children's interests is one of my main roles as an Unschooling parent. Making these puppets was challenging and it taught me great patience working through how to create them step-by-step. I have to say though, that I was so proud of myself that I learned this craft! I look forward to teh next puppet we create! I think I found a new interest too. I am so grateful to my children for giving me this great gift of their inspiration and zest for life! Unschooling allows us all the opportunity to do this together.

~Peace and Love, Dayna

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