Friday, June 1, 2012

Facilitating Steampunk Passions

As an Unschooling parent, part of my role is to facilitate my children's passions in life. Devin has been into Steampunk subculture for almost a year, and his passion is infectious. To nurture his interest, I took him to the Steampunk World's Fair in NJ last week. We had a wonderful time together exploring the massive event. 

Devin and me the first day of the fair

Devin in all of his Steampunk glory!

Devin was fortunate enough to be on stage with Thee Bluebeard for his comedy improv show. It was hilarious!

Devin and his fans

Devin learning a card game from the 18th century. 

Thee Bluebeard and myself
I am so grateful to have been able to experience this with my sweet son.
 I will never forget it! 

Our shared passion for Steampunk is something we connect with deeply. We are taking Devin to the this weekend and can't wait to experience more together.

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