Saturday, June 2, 2012

Go-Kart Power!!

My daughter never ceases to amazing me with her ability to create whatever she wants in life. 
Last month we went to a birthday party at a place where there were Go-Karts. Ever since that time Tiff has been completely focused on acquiring a Go-Kart. 

She printed out a photo to add to her vision board and scoured Craigslist for Go-Karts for sale. After weeks of searching listings, she found an awesome barter where the person was looking to trade Go-Karts for guns. Joe just happened to be a firearms safety instructor before we had kids, so he had a small collection of them. We contacted the person and the barter was in motion! 

The very next day he drove them up to us and the deal was done! 
I always tell me kids that there are many ways more than money to get what they want in life. Through her incredible focus and desire and parents willing to facilitate her interest, Tiff finally has her Go-Kart! PLUS one for the family to enjoy.

Never forget how powerful your children are!! Tiff shows me my own power everyday and reminds me that I can have, do or be anything I want in life!

We have had SO much fun with these tools for Joy since she manifested them. 

Believe that anything is possible!!

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