Sunday, June 3, 2012

England Bliss!

My trip to the UK was AMAZING! I had so much fun spending time with my parents and experiencing all that I could over the pond. I look forward to returning with my family in May of 2013! 
Here are some highlights:

The totally touristy British phone booth photo

The front of my Mom's home

The back view of my Mom's home

Peterborough Cathedral

Underground sign 

I offered free hugs in the heart of London's busy Camden Market. (video to come!) My parents were so encouraging and supportive of my dream to do this.

Football Legend, Burt "Ruby" Murray with my step-father, John 

Spalding Flower Parade

My Mom getting her first tattoo!! You are never to old to adorn your body. 

Mom's Garden

Dancing in the Rape Flowers!

Mom's new gorgeous tattoo!

Peterborough Center

Market in Boston, UK

Virgin Atlantic is the BEST airlines ever!! My view from the plane.
What an incredible trip! 


shikshikamomma said...

Hi Dayna,
Just stumbled upon your blog whilst looking for unschooling inspiration. Ive just taken my daughter out of school to homeschool her. We live in Goa, India but Im originally from Boston,Uk. When I saw that you had visited my home town I just had to leave a comment. The old lady in the Boston market photo is my old neighbour.Its a small world. Thanks for writing an inspirational blog. From Goa to US via UK connection.xx

Sophie said...

Hi Dayna, This looks like a fun trip! We are newbie Unschoolers in the UK & I wondered whether we could connect with you if you do come back here? I am avidly reading through all your blog stuff etc & getting heaps of inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, it is a real blessing x