Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Touring Down Under

Australia seems to be my second home these days. The friends that I have made are like family. The country is so beautiful and the people are some of the most caring, kind people that I have ever met in my life. I love Australia. This was my third time there and my best professionally. I loved spending time speaking and working individually with families. My schedule was full, and I loved every minute of it! 
I did have some time for fun and play too, as you will see.

Naomi Aldort, Dayna Martin and Robin Grille speaking at the Conscious Parenting and Natural Learning Conference in Australia in August, 2012. 
Me making one of my life dreams come true, holding a koala. Her name was , "Justice." So appropriate for my purpose for being in Australia! 

My gorgeous, relaxing room in Australia

The beach across the street from my motel

I call this photo, "Messin' With Emus"

My main presentation at the conference. It was one of the most powerful and fulfilling talks that I have ever given. I loved every minute of it.

My experience in Australia was incredible. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I had to learn, grow and connect with so many inspirational and loving families.

Peace & Love, Dayna


jjluuf said...

Yeah, Dayna Martin is back! Glad you had such a good trip and pleased to read about it.....

Anonymous said...

I just love the pic of you and the koala. My daughter loved it, too.

Ariad said...

Glad you had a great time here, hope you come back again :)

Anonymous said...

First off, I adore unschooling and want to unschool my future children. But as I understand your son has a computer (must be a good one if he plays Wow and Minecraft), several gaming systems and an ipad?? I'm all for giving my kids "abundance" but it ends SOMEWHERE! That stuff is NOT "cheap" now either!! Unless I marry rich I will not be able to afford that, especially if there are other kids who want things, too. Is it impossible to unschool because you are working class and just cannot AFFORD it. Honestly I'd try to figure out SOMETHING over having one teen boy be the owner of all these electronics. Like pick one gaming system that is yours, the rest belongs to everyone. Or try to figure out if the game can be played without buying the system. Like have them play at a friend or family members house if they have the system. Because sometimes kids get sick of it. Certain games are actually available on PC. This is pretty much the ONLY unschooling related thing I just DON'T agree with. It's not that I'm opposed to technology and unlimited access to it I'm just opposed to a kid being the sole owner of so much of it. Can I still call myself an unschooler if I, once in a blue moon just say NO to material things? Now if the child had a REALLY deep desire to have a certain system, I'd try to work something out. Like selling a old one used or having it be an early present from grandma etc.

Miriam Eber said...

Where in Australia? We're wanting to travel there and would be neat to meet up with kindred/unschooling spirits. Thanks!