Monday, January 28, 2013

Building Forest Shelters

Devin has been learning a great deal about survival in the wild this week. He has been watching Man vs. Wild and dozens of YouTube videos about building a forest survival shelter. He created this with only a small hand saw, completely by himself. (Orion and Ivy were there to offer a hand at times.) He build this in below freezing temperatures this week.

We are fortunate enough to live on 40 acres of land in which the kids can explore and build on.
As Unschoolers, our children learn from their interests and passions in life. When they are interested in something, it is all they want to be doing - exploring, researching, learning and doing their passion. This is the natural way humans are meant to learn. When we don't mess with the natural processes, amazing things happen! Our children create, grow and learn SO much!

Devin has enjoyed the process of creating this so much. He has learned about setting traps and finding edibles in the forest. He has taught me so much that I never knew. He says he plans on being dropped off in the middle of the Canadian forest someday with only a hand saw for a month. I applaud his enthusiasm.

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