Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm THAT Mom

You know, that Mom that takes her children sledding at midnight, under the stars, making the neighbors secretly jealous because they have to sleep to get up early for work and school.

I’m that Mom who loves to clean and decorate and enjoys giving my family a cozy, joyful place to call their nest. I express my creativity using my home as my canvas. I want home to be a place that my children love to be, where they feel safe, happy and inspired in.

I’m that Mom who always assumes positive intent from my children and sees them as fully capable people.

I’m that Mom who encourages my children to explore their own beliefs, even when they differ from my own.

I’m that Mom who enjoys the music my children love and turns up the volume as loudly as they want in the car. I am that Mom who loves bands like, Metallica and Slayer and still dives in mosh pits at their concerts.

I’m that Mom who will jump on a trampoline with my children, even though I can feel my body jiggle in places that I didn’t know I had flesh.

I’m that Mom who kisses the mirror and says, “I love you,” to myself while my children are watching.

I’m that Mom who explores my own interests fully, with reckless abandon, inspiring my children, through my passion, to learn more about what I am into.

I’m that Mom who often times makes a different meal for everyone in the family because I trust that whatever they are craving is exactly what their bodies need, yet I don’t feel like a “short-order cook, a waitress or a slave.”
I feel like a nurturing Mother.

I’m that Mom who chooses to be my children’s voice if they are in a situation where they are uncomfortable, or unable to express their feelings or needs.

I’m that Mom who sometimes pays for the coffee or a toll for the person in the car behind us, just for the joy of it because my children love when we practice random acts of kindness with strangers.

I’m that Mom who no longer has babies or toddlers who are physically dependent on me, but is grateful for the next phase of our lives together as a family. I am rediscovering who I am now that a decade of pregnancy, nursing and child-wearing is over.

I’m that Mom who’s learning how to paint and make pottery with the encouragement of my children and loving the passion for art and creativity that my kids are developing alongside me. I’m that mom who keeps her home fully stocked with paint, paper, clay, pastels, and every kind of craft supply imaginable, to fully facilitate our love for creativity.

I’m that Mom who plays Grand Theft Auto with my kids and looks up cheat codes to help them gain access into secret levels of a game that they love. I bring my kids to gaming and Steampunk conventions and dress up as a character that they created, because they want me to.

I’m that Mom who will throw towels in the dryer while my children are in the shower, then run them upstairs to surprise them with warm towels to wrap themselves with on cold, snowy nights.

I’m that Mom who talks openly and freely about love and sex and shares that intimacy is something each of them will learn about in their own time, in their own way and I will be there for them in any way that I can to answer questions and support them without judgement.

I’m that Mom who always says, “Yes,” when my daughters ask to play with my makeup and beauty products, even when it is my favorite, expensive body wash, because they are worth it to me.

I’m that Mom who gets a tattoo that represents each of my children, where they each pick out a color of their choice to represent them on the tattoo. When other people see my tattoo, they proudly point to which part of the tattoo is, “them.”

I’m that Mom who will pull out my grandmothers fine china, as a surprise to serve their lunch on, showing them that everyday together as a family is a special occasion.

I’m that Mom who makes mistakes sometimes, but I am not afraid to apologize to my kids. I know in doing so, they will learn that making mistakes is part of learning and growing. They know I am perfectly imperfect.

I’m exactly the Mom that I always wanted to be, despite others telling me it would never happen because I’d know better once I had my own children.

Yes. I’m THAT Mom.


BMWKLT said...

I love that post... thank you. Best wishes from Germany!


Kelly said...

Love this post Dayna, you are such an inspiration and your children are very lucky to have such an open minded and caring mum. xx

messyfish said...

and thankfully you are that mum, and sharing it with us so we know we can are and will be too!

Angie said...

Thank you for this inspiring post! I love it!

Erica Being said...

Love this post Dayna. xo

Erica Being said...

Awesome Dayna, you're passion as a Mum and for life is inspiring, and yes, often brings up feelings of inadequacy in me, as it did when I read this. I won these completely :-D

Anonymous said...

Your family is so lucky to have you!

Bernie Folan said...

That's living!

Monica said...

Um, I love this. Other than just a few differences, this is so me. Thanks for writing this. Validation.

Beth said...

I love this post. You are very inspiring.

kimya said...

This post reminds me of THIS post...

Skai Juice said...

This is awesome! Is there a way to subscribe to this blog...I cant find it.

Also, I do feel like a short order cook when I have to create multiple meals. But now I have taught them how to cook so they can do it themselves.