Friday, March 8, 2013

Releasing Attachment To Outcomes

The kids and I colored some rice for crafts. 
I love the neon food coloring! It was so pretty! 

When I first walked out into the kitchen and saw this, I had a mini-freak-out in my mind. I witnessed that the rice, (that took time and work to create,) was now all mixed together and was being used for for something different than what I intended. I decided to stop and breathe. In that moment, rather than reacting in anger or disappointment, I chose to feel the joy that my children experienced using this rice as "ants" for their anteaters.

Instead of reacting, I shifted my thoughts to gratitude, and let go of my attachment of how I thought that we would be using this rice - in a craft project tomorrow. I recognizing that my children had other ideas - ideas that I would have never considered. If I would have stayed attached to my original idea, it would have robbed my children of the joy and connection that they had playing their new game together. It would have also been limiting their creativity and self-expression.

When you release your attachment to a certain outcome, and choose connection rather than control, 
you enable yourself to respond from the heart, with love.

Peace & Love, Dayna


Kristi said...

This is a wonderful example and I have done thing same thing. Kind of like when they mix the play dough altogether and it's brown ;)

MamaDragon said...

What inspiring colours, can you blame them for wanting to put them all together. I sometimes struggle with setting up a project, and then finding out my children have other ideas. Actually, it was a couple weeks ago that I was sorting out the toy room. I spent about 5 hours putting legos in to one tub, all the doll clothes back in another... My daughters came in and gasped in horror. What had appeared to me as an out of control mess, was in fact their very elaborately set up game. Ooops! I need to work on communicating more effectively, and not assuming. :)

kathy said...

love it, love it, love it!

messyfish said...

we did this in Vietnam, where the rice and the food colour was cheap! it eventually got eaten by little mice, and water was poured into it, turning it grey. then it got smelly and I had to throw it out....but first it was measured and poured and stuffed into balloons and stuck to plasticine and thrown around the garden!

Anonymous said...

Hey I just watched the old Dr.phil show would love to see him do an update on your kids. so many more are homeschooling now

Nicole said...

My first thought before I read the story was: wow, that is really cool rainbow rice.