Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Capability Through Freedom

a photo of Devin martin who is a unschooler
This is Devin's design! It is the "Utilicloak." 
Devin is sewing his own clothes! He has been modifying his clothes for years now, especially through his creative passion of Steampunk. Now he is actually making them from fabric to garment using his sewing machine. He made these fleece pants this week.

Devin wants one of these types of sewing machine for his birthday. He loves anything old fashioned that were run by man-power, before electricity was so widely utilized.

What I love most about how Devin learns, is his willingness to be persistent and try and try until he gets something right, and the way he wants it. These pants were a great success for him and he plans on making all of his clothes in the future. He gains amazing satisfaction and a sense of pride from learning to do things that allow him to be more self-sufficient. He has a great interest in homesteading right now, and making his own clothes falls under one of the skills that he wanted to perfect to be that much closer to his personal goals in life. 

Children are so capable, when given freedom, time and the tools to learn and grow with their ever-evolving interests. Devin has life skills that very few teens in our culture have today. He knows how to sew, make bread, build a survival shelter, blacksmith, woodwork, and so much more than I could even list here. He truly enjoys mastering crafts that are a lost art.


Charli Armstrong said...

Those are fantastic pants!! His dream machine is mine as well! What kind of machine is he using now? And has he seen Les Stroud's Off The Grid? You can find it on YouTube. Might be right up his alley!

Ally Grace said...

That sounds really great! I am happy for him that he has had these opportunities and that he has met his goal in making the pants. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as always.

Dayna Martin said...

Thanks, Charli! I will check it out. He is using a Singer right now.

Ally, Yes! I am happy for him too. He has had a few attempts this week using another fabric and when he bends over, they rip. The fleece is forgiving and stretchy. Thanks for posting.

Peace & Love, Dayna

Amanda Claveau said...

I gave one of those old desks with a sewing machine built into it. I had planned to restore it, as the machine doesn't work, but I am moving at the end of September and can't take it with me. If you know anyone in the Denver area or plan to be here within the next few months, you guys can have it. Devin would probably have a lot of fun learning to restore it and make new creations.