Monday, March 10, 2014

Newborn Sparkle Sessions!

Joe and I are working together, merging two of our passions. We have decided to embark on newborn photography as a husband and wife team. Today, we had our first client! Joe was behind the camera as I handled and posed the sweet little newborn girl, Avery.

I've been researching gentle, loving ways to photograph newborns without flashes. Joe has watched dozens of tutorials and will handle the technical side of things. I have many unique and creative ideas that I am looking forward bringing to our clients.

Joe and I working on our first newborn photo shoot together!

The beautiful result of our first pose with little Avery

Here I am snuggling little Avery while Joe changed a few props. I can tell how much I will love this already! I was secretly sniffing her head. You Mama's know why...
I love this super-frilly-pink look. It contrasts so much with the next photo with a more earthy feel.

This is one of my favorite images from our shoot with little Avery today. You wouldn't believe what goes into a photo like this! Joe and I work so well together. He is my best friend and we are quite a team. The focus and flow that we had was natural and comfortable. The shoot today was a lot of work, patience and love, but it was  so worth it! What do you think?

This newborn photography venture is a combined vision and effort. My years of experience in working with pregnant and birthing women, newborn care and attachment parenting advocacy has offered me over a decade of experience in the care, respect and honoring of a newborn's unique needs. Joe's experience as a photographer adds a new dimension to what we are now offering as a couple. To learn how you can book us to come to your home for a Newborn Sparkle Session, visit: 
 Joe Martin Photography here.

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