Saturday, May 10, 2014

Devin's Lodge

Since Devin was very young, he has been building forts an shelters in the forest.  It is a true passion of his. Through his interest in survival and being in nature, this project was born. He researched for weeks before beginning through YouTube, books and various sources on the Internet. The project is coming along beautifully. This is his place to get away, and have a space of his own when he wants to. I have brought him out lunch (organic sausages) for him to cook over an open fire with his cast iron cookery. He loves bringing me out to the shelter to show me his progress. To learn more about being your child's student, check out my article here.
Here Devin is working on his bed. He created a raised bed to enable warm rocks from the fire to fit under it to warm him. This is a practice that he learned through one of his resources.
Devin was showing me various ways to start fires. 

The view of Devin's beautiful Lodge. 


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Love Devin's creations.