Saturday, May 10, 2014

Unschooling on 60 Minutes!

Our family was featured on 60 Minutes, Australia!
(photo: myself and Michael Usher, host of 60 Minutes Australia)
The show was fantastic and showed Unschooling in a very positive light. The 60 Minutes crew flew to America to spend a day with us. They also showed a few other families in Australia and they were all amazing.
In our introduction, Michael described us by saying, “If there were a global headquarters for this free-range education revolution it would be this unassuming home in the woods of New Hampshire in America’s Northeast.”
Michael Usher also says, when introducing me, “Dayna Martin is the inspiration to me.” He and I spent the day together and he was very open to learning about Unschooling.
The shows that we appear on just keep getting better and better in regards to being honest and balanced when sharing about Unschooling. We just keep showing up and saying, “Yes!” and positive change is happening as a result. Follow your heart and when opportunities come to speak your truth, take them, without fear!

Here is one of the ads for the show, featuring Orion and Ivy!

We received a nice Thank-you note from the Network for our appearance on the show. It was a fabulous experience and we are grateful for the opportunity to share about our unique and joyful lives!


Nelson Martin said...

Link to the show video:

The Martins appear about halfway through at 6:15.

Great job you guys!

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