Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wild Edibles: Eat Your Lawn!

This week, Devin and I took a Wild Edibles class. It was amazing and we learned so much! I thought I would share just some of what we learned with our readers. Please, feel free to share what wild edibles you have on your property!

Ground Ivy - Great for Pesto!!

Cleaver - Awesome for the lymph system! Dry and make into a tea

Germanium: A great antibacterial and antimicrobial
Horsetail: Primitive plant. Do not eat raw, but make into a tea. There are tons of minerals in this plant! Be sure to pick it before June.

This is Sedum and was my favorite wild edible. It is very abundant right now and all over my lawn!

Be sure to see what you have on your property! Get down and look closely at your lawn and see what is really there! It is an abundance of free, powerfully healthy plants just waiting for you to pick and enjoy!

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Patrick and Emily said...

We love plantain, purslane, dandelion,poke weed, day Lilies, lambs quarters and mulberries and pecans from our yard.
W also like pepper weed but I don't know it's correct name. We use it as pepper like the name suggests.
Learning wild edibles is so fun! We love Green Dean on youtube. He is really helpful!