Sunday, July 20, 2014

FREEDOM Shopping Challenge!

In the first episode of our new Reality Vlog Series, "The Sparkling Martin's," I challenged our viewers to allow their children to grocery shop for themselves, within a budget. Several families took this challenge, with every one of them having amazing results! Let me know how you all do on this challenge and be sure to watch the episode below and subscribe to our NEW Youtube channel for future challenges and episodes!
"We watched your shopping with the kids Vblog yesterday and loved it. So today I took the shopping challenge with my three little women The had so much fun and were buzzing afterwards,so was I and they made a variety of choices. This way of shopping will certainly be a regular thing now! Some of the food in the trolley is our dinner for tonight." Sandra Porter, Tasmania

Congrats to the Adams Family for taking my challenge!! With a budget of $20 per person, it looks like you all did amazingly well! I am glad you enjoyed the experience and hope you can integrate it into your life regularly!

 More feedback about the FREEDOM Shopping Challenge from "The Sparkling Martin's" episode:
 "After watching Dayna Martins video re the grocery store I couldn't wait until today - shopping day!! We have a large family and a small weekly budget for the 9 of us so I was trying to figure out how to let them choose without taking out of the budget. I decided to let them each have $20 limit to decide what the whole family can share. Some choose breakfast, snack, or dinner items or a combo. Some bought stuff to try new recipes. It was sooo fun!!! If they asked for something the answer was always YES and if it went out of their budget range they got to decide what was more important to them. We came home with a lot of the same foods we buy but also some new stuff. After 2 hours at the store with most kids I had ZERO melt-downs and pretty energized happy kiddos!!! It was great. With the rest of the grocery budget I used for stuff my husband and I like and other household items. It worked perfectly." Shannon Purdie Foust

 "These videos are the best Dayna x My whole family are getting so much out of them. We just did our first "freedom shop" & it really opened my eyes 3 kids all bought a mixture of breads, chips, chocolate & fruits...and they are buzzing from how much fun it was for them! A little frazzling for us as parents due to the amount of people irritated by their exuberance in the market aisles but we just breathed & were there for our kids. I'm loving the shifts I'm having!" Ellie Young

"We did this last week. We gave our 4yo a $5 budget. She immediately spent $3 on organic apple juice and then worked hard to try and figure out what to do with her remaining $2. She finally decided on $2 worth of bulk raisins. Hubby and I decided to make it a regular part of our shopping excursions."
Nada Leona Sheppard
Peace and Happy Shopping to you all!


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