Friday, October 3, 2014

UK Peaceful Parenting and Natural Learning Conference!

Devin, Ivy, Orion and Tiff at the airport waiting for our plane!
The kids and I traveled to the UK in Sept. to host the Peaceful Parenting and Natural Learning Conference! Joe stayed back home to run the business while we traveled. We missed him so much!
The conference was a HUGE success!! I met so many fans of my work and of our family! I connected with coaching clients that I've had for years! It was powerful and the event inspired so many people.

Here I am offering the opening talk at the conference.

Part of our time in the UK was connecting with my best friend and Soul Sister, AmyLee!! The kids love her and she is like family! She is moving in with us next month! Her dream is to visit the US and we are helping her make her dream come true! We can't wait for the Sparkling Martin's to grow as I add my sister in on the crazy mix!!

Here is AmyLee giving the kids "candy class" in Tesco, UK!

Here is me and my Soul Sis shopping in the UK!

Devin, Ivy, Orion and Tiff in London! The graffiti was amazing in the city!

BIG BEN!!! We had to see the touristy stuff, as well as the local treasures!

I love this photo of Orion and Tiff as they enjoy the beauty of the Tower Bridge!

Traveling is such an important part of our lives! Not only for the kids to learn and grow, but for us to advocate for Peaceful Parenting and Radical Unschooling.This philosophy is reaching so many people, worldwide! We have only just begun as we embark on many new adventures and experiences to share with the World!

Thanks for visiting and Peace & Love, Dayna

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