Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Too Young For Zombies & Death?

Ivy, our ten year old Unschooled daughter has a burning interest in the show, The Walking Dead. Her love of the show has led us to facilitate her passion in many ways for her to learn and grow from. We gifted her a subscription to Walking Dead Magazine. She has created many crafts and recipes based on her interest. Using the Walking Dead as the nucleus of her learning, Ivy has learned and grown so much while we have supported what makes her happy and inspired.

Some may be critical of supporting this interest, saying Ivy is way too young to be surrounded by such horror and death. We disagree and know that with loving parents by her side, she will only benefit from us loving Who She Is. Fully.
Last month, we created her dream bedroom! It might be scary and unbelievable for some, but this bedroom makes her so happy. I know that through supporting who she is and seeing her interest as an extension of herself, I am modeling unconditional love and acceptance. This is one thing the world needs more of!

Ivy's Walking Dead themed bedroom!

Check out Ivy's Bedroom Makeover video! 

I also made Ivy this Carl doll to support her passion and love for the Walking Dead... She loved it and was so grateful.


Danielle Pate said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again. Ivy is a real joy. I hope to meet you at an unschooling conference someday.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if there is anything that you would not allow her to view. My 10 year old has been very upset that we will no longer allow him to watch game of thrones after watching it with him a couple times. What do you think? Am I not respecting him or am I justifiably protecting him?