Saturday, February 21, 2015

I've been MINECRAFTED! Meet Indigo Rose33!

My children have loved Minecraft for years. Devin played the Beta version and even met Notch, the creator of the game. All my kids play and now they are so excited, because *I* am playing! It was hard at first and I am still a total, "Noob" (what gamers call players new to the game.) I made my first Minecraft video with my Soul Sister, AmyLee33! It was SO much fun! 

Me amongst the Lovely-Jubbly's with a Googly staring at me!

Me and some cute doggies!

Amy Lee33 and ME!!

Myself and AmyLee33 ready with our bow and arrows!


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my4monkeyboogers said...

My husband and kids love Minecraft also. I haven't tried playing it yet. I will let them know about your video. They follow several other Minecraft channels also.