Monday, March 9, 2015

Unschooling MEXICO!!

Ivy and I just returned home from a trip to Acapulco, Mexico. I was a speaker at an event called, "Anarchapulco." I enjoyed connecting with such a passionate community and what I shared about Unschooling and Peaceful Parenting was well-received and appreciated. 

I believe in my heart, that what I share with people about living in partnership, rather than the traditional authoritarian paradigm, is something that most people know, deep down, on a cellular level of their being. I shared with my audience that they were right all of those years when their instinct told them that being controlled and punished as children was unjust. 
This brings about intense emotions of pain and anger, as well as peace, love and understanding. 

 Finally being validated, after years of distrust of themselves, people often shed tears. At one point of my talk, I saw people crying and I knew that their inner-child was finally being and understood and they had "permission" to follow their hearts and be kind, loving and respectful of children on a deeper level.

I loved speaking at Anarchapulco and it was an honor to be invited to share my work and this message with others who are ready to hear and integrate a new level of respect, peace and freedom.

I took Ivy to Mexico with me, and she had a great time! Here she is swimming with some new friends! 

After my main presentation, I was invited to take part in several interviews. Here I am being interviewed by, Luke Rudkowski, of We Are Change! 

Ivy and I swam with dolphins! It was incredible!
Watch us here!

Thank you, Mexico for having us! We love you!

Peace, Love, Free....... Dayna


Danielle Pate said...

I've been suffering severe depression, and I've come to believe that leaving it all behind for an unschooling and unjobbing life is the cure. Coming soon~!

Anonymous said...

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