Friday, March 20, 2015

Devin's Looms & Weaving

Devin has a growing interest in Viking-age craft and clothing. He has been making his own clothing for several years. It started with modifying them, during his Steampunk interest. Slowly it grew to include designing his own clothes. He pretty much only wears things he has made himself. He hand-sews and hand-dyes with natural fabrics and dyes.

He has built a number of looms over the last few weeks. This point as a Radical Unschooling family is very interesting to me. I couldn't have predicted what life would be like with an Unschooled teen - now I have two of them!

Devin is such a motivated, creative person. I would say "genius," but in all honesty, I believe that every child has the potential for this creativity, drive and passion. Unfortunately, most young people today do not have the freedom to pursue what they are passionate about, because their lives are filled with everything that schools and parents feel are more important.  

As the years roll on and on, and our children grow and change, I grow and change. So much is shifting in the world in regards to education and parenting. The trust and confidence that I have for my children on their life path is unwavering.  The love in my heart grows as I heal from my own childhood and as I witness and experience my children's free, respected lives. My children have incredible talent, as does EVERY child, if given the freedom and respect they deserve.

This is a peg loom that Devin made. He makes scarves and blankets with it. 

Here is some cotton yarn that Devin dyed with turmeric, red cabbage and spinach. 

This is a Saami Rigid Heddle Loom that Devin built. It is attached to his floor and ceiling.

Devin wove this on his Heddle Loom. It is so beautiful!

This is a Warp-Weighted Viking Loom that Devin made, with the help from his Unschooled friend, Trystan. They worked on it for days and it is absolutely incredible.
Here is a finished woven project that Devin made with his Viking loom. 

Whenever I post about Devin on social media, I receive tons of incredible feedback from people who love, praise and celebrate him. Obviously, I think my kids are amazing and awesome, but I want to point out that ALL children and teens have this creativity within themselves. You just need to take your kids out of school, stop punishing and controlling them and give them as ENORMOUS of a world as possible, to learn and grow from. Support them and help them get what they want in life. Be their source of constant optimism and encouragement and LOVE them, unconditionally.



Danielle Pate said...

When my mom bought Annalise a weaving loom, Annalise had some past life regression. She gasped and said, "I had one of these when I was a mommy!" She was about three at the time. It was priceless.

Raniera Malton said...

Wow; he has changed since Wife Swap!