Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unplanned Joy

Today I took Devin, Dakota, Ivy and their best friend Abbie to an outdoor shopping center. The girls bought some new clip-on earrings and Devin bought Abbie a penguin keychain with his own money. (He is so thoughtful.)
They have been doing construction on the shopping center for the last few months. As we rounded the corner we noticed a brand new in ground misting sprinkler! The kids faces lit up and they squeeled with delight! They had such a fun time! I heard a few older women talking as they walked by saying, "Can you believe their mother let them wear their clothes & shoes in the sprinkler!? Unbelievable!" I could only smile and bask in the Joy my children were experiencing! (It was so worth having wet clothes and shoes!)
After getting soaked, I took them for ice cream at a new ice cream place we have never tried before. Sometimes it is the unplanned moments that are the most memorable and purely perfect. What a day!


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Alice said...

Hey Dayna,
I have just found your blog, as I was looking for more information on unschooling, and have gone right back to the beginning of your posts (it seemed the sensible thing to do). I love that joy is the most important thing to you - what are wet clothes and shoes when compared to happiness? I also love that Abbie is wearing different coloured Crocs. And are those Cold Stone Creamery ice creams I spy? Aren't they so yummy?